Wednesday, July 4, 2012


This one was the easiest for the teachers (we didn’t do anything but plan it).  It is a great one to do near the end of the year when you are pretty busy with a zillion other things. 

The invitations were just a plain piece of paper telling them to meet at our house (the teachers' house) at 6:30 p.m.  They are usually puzzled and try to figure out something about what the party will be from the invitation.  The more suspense built, the more anticipation occurs, the more they are motivated to make good grades.

We began with a salad bar and punch.

Then we put them into teams and played a Bible guessing game.  After this we had them sit back at the tables and asked our parent-helpers if the main meal was ready.  They told us that we didn't have enough food for all these people.  So we told the students to pile in cars by teams, and that we would have to go see who would feed us.  We knocked on a few doors of church members on the way and had them shake their heads and wave us away.  One of the third grade girls thought all this was for real and told us that her mom could find something for us to eat.

We arrived at another one of our student's homes, and what do you know?  They had a wonderful stromboli dinner all ready for us.

Next they got into their teams again.  This time we gave them a roll of toilet paper and had them make a dress for one of the girls in their group.  I know, we've all done this one before, but it was really funny to see them dress each other up.  And it was a good experience for them to work together.  And the results were rather hilarious.

Of course dessert was not available at this house, so back into the cars we went.  Another school family had dessert for us-- brownie sundaes with ALL the toppings ... YUM.

We ate on the porch and had a nice time visiting and talking.  Last we played another game and threw some frisbees.