Monday, December 30, 2013

Freddy the Frog Visits Lott Mennonite School

We offered to mail a package for our terrific first and second grade co-teacher, Miss Delores Strite.  It was a very strange package.  It contained a journal and a frog.  She said we could look inside it, so we did.  

The frog was “Freddy the Frog,” and he began his journey in Missouri.  He is being mailed to different first and second grade teachers around the states.  The students are encouraged to write in the journal that travels with Freddy to tell what adventures he had that day.  

Freddy the Frog had a band-aid on his back and looked a little, well, loved.  I decided to read the journal.  Here are a few interesting adventures Freddy has had on his travels thus far.  

One student gave Freddy a bath and then put him in a warm oven to dry him out.

Freddy climbed a tree with one student.

He helped weed and water the garden.  He got wet, but I don’t think he was subjected to the hot oven that time.

Freddy got a 100% on a test.

Freddy played the piano.  

Freddy went bird hunting.

Freddy tried on a covering.  

He milked a cow.

He fell off a rip stick.

He played football and got hurt.  The student who had him that day is the one who put the band-aid on his back.  

One student wrote:  “The van got a gas leak and about exploded.  He [Freddy the Frog]  got to see the police car and fire truck that came out.  He fell off the bridge at the park.”

Freddy certainly has had some exciting adventures.  He is now on his way to Virginia Beach.  Thanks to Gina Kauffman at Farmington Mennonite School in Farmington, Missouri for starting Freddy on his journey.  Our first and second graders really enjoyed having Freddy the Frog at Lott Mennonite School for awhile.