Tuesday, April 1, 2014

A Birthday Cake Fit for an English Teacher

      I love cake.  I especially love chocolate cake, and I’ve received a few special ones over the years.  My favorite cake for over twenty-five years was a chocolate cake covered in chocolate icing with over 200 Junior Mints stuck all over it.  (Thank you to my Odyssey 1986 students.)  
But my new favorite, as of this year, is this cake with a sentence diagramed on the top.  I love to diagram sentences, and my students have gotten wonderfully proficient at it, but I’ve never seen it done on a cake until now.  What a perfect cake for an English teacher.  Thank you to the Fabulous Feminine Flamingos, my 7th-10th grade girls, who made it.  

“The students wished Mrs. Swanson a happy birthday.”