Tuesday, March 31, 2015

Men Can Cook; Moms Can Sleep

       I take every opportunity I have to get my students up in front of the class to present something.  If they start young, by the time they do their speeches in high school it won’t be so terrifying, and someday they will be equipped to lead a Sunday school class or give devotions in church.  The fourth graders gave demonstration speeches recently.  The whole class learned how to draw a flower and how to make scrambled eggs with cheese.  We got to eat the eggs, too.  They were yummy.  I love it when men can cook!

     And the next week even the third graders stood up in front of the class and described something, and we all got to guess what it was.  For another assignment, a class told a story about something that had happened to them or a family member.  One girl told a funny story about how her mom had fallen asleep during prayer at church, and then crawled under the bench to take a nap.  (The mom was about twelve when this happened.)  We all giggled and another little assignment was completed, enabling our students to develop their gifts which God has given them.