Tuesday, June 23, 2015

Bad Art, Good Spelling

      My students found this one and told me about it, so I went and took a picture of it.  I love it when they are aware of signs, spelling, and what is going around them and not just drooling as they ride around in the car.  If they are noticing these things, then they are also more aware of their own spelling.  That is a good thing.  
       So that they do not make the mistake on the sign, I teach them that the two "e"s make things strong, like a steel beam is strong.  But, if you have two different letters, then the word isn't strong, it is weak and wimpy.
      More bad art.  Bad art can be funny, and everyone knows students learn more when they are paying attention and laughing at their teacher's bad art and not staring out the window of the classroom and drooling.  Enough drool for today.