Wednesday, August 26, 2015

Five Teachers in a Car Finding Misspelled Signs

      There were five of us in the car, and all of us are teachers.  We were on our way to a seminar which happened  to be about an hour's drive away.  On the way home we began looking at signs and trying to find ones which were misspelled.  We found four.  Here are the first two.

       I do the "potato trick" to teach this one.  Whenever a word ending in "ch", "z", "sh" etc. is made plural, you add an "es".  Then the word has two syllables.  So we make a "potato" with our right hands and pound them into our left palms twice as we enunciate "peach-es",  "fix-es",  "church-es" etc.

      And for the second correction, if a vowel is at the end of a syllable, it is usually long.