Wednesday, September 23, 2015

Um . . . Ah . . . Ugh . . . She's Eating It!

     Today I was substitute teaching at the school where my husband works.  My assignment was a class of 4th graders, and they happened to be studying bugs.  There was a display of bugs on the back table in the room, and the teacher had encouraged the students to find insects and bring them in.  They did.  They brought in caterpillars, crickets, and a large female praying mantis.  In science class we read that these lovely creatures eat their husbands after mating.
         Suddenly I heard a gasp from one of the boys who happened to be seated near the jars of bugs.  He informed us that the praying mantis was eating one of the crickets--alive.  If you've ever taught a room full of 4th graders you know what happened next. Of course, I let them all run over and gawk at the disgusting sight.  We certainly learned much about insects today.  When it was time for lunch one of the boys remarked, "I think I lost my appetite."