Wednesday, October 14, 2015

Big Ol' Honkin' Meteors

      We were on our way to a Hymns of the Church hymn sing when we saw eleven of these meteors shooting across the sky.  It was amazing.  There were very visible because the sun was shining directly on them as it set.   There are two just above the horizon, and another one with a forked tail in the upper right, but it is smaller.  And I don't have an amazing camera.

      As we watched, the meteors streaked down, faded, and then went out gradually.  The one in the middle had a fire ball at its bottom as it descended.   Astronomy is fascinating.  We try to find out about every meteor shower or eclipse and then watch as many as we are able.  About a week ago our family went walking through the park late at night watching the eclipse.

     The next meteor shower is October 21st in the east, peaking around 2 a.m.  I admit I don't set my alarm to get up in the middle of the night (well, I did once), but if I look in the east before my bedtime on October 21st, I will probably see at least one or two meteors.

     There are also meteor showers on November 17th and December 13th.  Tell your students the dates and encourage them to watch them at home, grab your coat, and see some more of God's amazing creation.

For more information on meteor shower dates go to

       Jeff made me put this picture in this post.  He and my son said they read an article which said that UFOs were guarding us from the extra-large pieces of meteors.  Now they are talking about Sasquatch.  Honestly.