Tuesday, April 26, 2016

Menno Teachers Storm Disc Golf Course

During mini-term classes at Shalom Mennonite School,  my husband taught a class on disc golf, a fun little game where a frisbee-shaped disc is thrown into a metal basket.  
The teachers thought that disc golf looked like it would be fun, so to celebrate the end of the third quarter (albeit a little late), the teachers had a picnic and disc golf outing this past Friday night.  Only one disc ended up in the pond.  The rest of us decided to skip the hole by the pond since most of us were beginners we didn't want to lose nine discs in the pond.  We finished several holes before dark descended over the hills.  
It was a lovely evening, and I was especially impressed by these neat little wooden arrows which hung at the bottom of the baskets pointing the direction to the next tee.  
And thanks to our former students at Lott Mennonite School for 
creating the disc-golf-on-head photo idea.  We miss you!