Thursday, November 24, 2016

Happy Thanksgiving from My Students' Feet

The day before Thanksgiving break we had taken our Unit 3 history test, and most of the students had scored very well on that. (Relief!)  So, we had one day before break and I did not want to start the next unit, knowing that my students would all have dead Bambis, shopping, and turkeys on their brains for the next five days.  So, we had a History Circle-- (not to be confused with a Writer's Circle.)

 They all found something from their history books that made them either laugh, cry, or think.  Then they jotted down a few thoughts in their journals.   We sat in a circle on the floor,  munched on yummy treats which they volunteered to bring (I actually forgot to bring my own lunch that day), and discussed history. 

What would have happened if the Native Americans would not have resisted the colonists' taking of their land?  

Tom Thumb, an early steam locomotive, had only one horsepower.

Was it good or bad that people moved from the country to the big cities to work during the Industrial Revolution?  

The Children's Aid Society and the orphan trains helped homeless children.

Andrew Jackson was popular for actions which would be looked down upon today.  

Why was it such a big deal to ride a bicycle with no pedals? 

Did the cotton gin help, or hurt the slaves in the long run? 

Why did Adoniram Judson have such a funny hair cut?  

We also cut out fall leaves, wrote something we were thankful for on them, and then added them to the tree I have on my wall.  We have much to be thankful for.  Happy Thanksgiving!