Saturday, August 5, 2017

Memories of FB Teachers Week, a Bible Party, and Norma's Store

I had planned a little Bible dinner for the history class at Faith Builder's Teachers Week.  So I took along wooden bowls, two rugs, candles, baskets, cheese, grapes, olives, bread, grape juice, Sprite, and a few other items.  The first day, I ran into the room where there is a refrigerator available to anyone to put their stuff in without getting in the way of the cooks.  There happened to be four men in there having a meeting, so I threw my food in the fridge, muttered a quick, "Excuse me," and left.  

Three days later, my friends and daughter who were helping me went to retrieve my goodies and discovered that half of the grape juice was missing, and four guilty-looking children playing in the room informed them that the Sprite bottle was now filled with water.  In my haste, I had missed the sign about labeling your stuff, or it is fair game for anyone to consume.  My amazing helpers zipped down to the only store in Guys Mills, Norma's Store, and bought me more Sprite and some apple juice.  (+Kyla Hostetler you are GREAT!) I thought it made a funny story, and so did the history class when I told them about it.  Teachers Week was a blast.