Tuesday, January 7, 2014

Students with Books on Their Heads

I have discovered that many students forget much of what they read.  If we discuss it in class there is a greater probability of them remembering it, but if we actually DO something I have found that they have a much better chance of actually remembering it.  And, if we add in a little humor, I could almost add an “always” to that “remember”.  

So it was one day that we were studying posture in our junior
high health class.  

Step 1.  Read.
We read about how good posture helps our digestion and alertness.  Next we read about how walking with a book on our head helps us be more aware of our posture.  

Step 2.  Relate what you just read to something.
Next I told them a story about when my mother made me go to a “charm class” where they made us do this.  I told them how I did not like that silly class either.  

Step 3.  Show them something to help them remember.
I figured if I demonstrated this for them that they would have a greater chance of remembering it.  They giggled as I walked around, not losing the book from off of my head.  

Step 4.  Have them to do something themselves to help them remember.
Next I had them slump over so that their stomachs were all squished.  We discussed how it was harder to breathe and digest that way.

It was then time for our Biblical Ethics class which we hold on the couches and have good discussions and sometimes friendly debates.  I suggested that they put a book on their heads as they walked over to the couches. 
Maybe it was because I had already done it and they wanted to try it themselves.  Maybe it was because I had already made myself look a little silly so it wasn’t as intimidating for them to try it themselves.  Maybe it was because we have a pretty safe environment at our school and they weren’t too self conscious, or maybe they all just have great attitudes.  Whatever the reasons, they did it.  They also all passed their health tests with flying colors.  Not that passing tests is all that important, but learning is.  And I think they did all learn about good posture and how it is good for our bodies.