Saturday, September 1, 2012

A Tour of the School - Beyond Bulletin Boards

2018 - Deana's Classroom at Shalom Mennonite School


I always have my display corner cabinet full of science and history stuff I find either throughout the year at thrift stores or pull from my stash.  

2017 - Jeff's Classroom at Terre Hill Mennonite High School

 2017 - Deana's Classroom at Shalom Mennonite School

2016 - Jeff's room at Terre Hill Mennonite High School

Deana's 8th Grade Room at Shalom Mennonite School

2015 - Jeff's Music & Art Room at Shalom Mennonite School

The map is actually three strips of wallpaper from National Geographic.  

The girls' bathroom


This is a close-up of 3rd-6th grade room.  A gecko is on top of the book shelf and the photograph on the left is St. Basil's Cathedral in Moscow, Russia, the teacher's favorite piece of architecture.   The three-tiered baskets are for handing in papers.  This was purchased used at a store close-out sale. 
The other side of the 3rd-6th room includes mice, the fish tank, puzzle of the U.S. (also a teacher favorite), hanging butterflies from Whole Earth Provision Col, and Rembrant's "The Prodigal Son".  

This was originally our solar system hanger as we didn’t want to paint a big black blob on the ceiling.  In 2012 it was turned into an aviary complete with branches, birds, and nests.
In 2013 it was an aquarium with sharks, eels, turtles, a diver, and a blue light bulb for extra effect.
We were studying Anabaptist history that year with the older students, so this map of Europe was very helpful.  We moved the couches to the other side of the room as well.
The third through sixth grades were using the Threads curriculum again this year.  We were studying ancient Greece, Rome, and Jerusalem so we put up photos of the Parthenon and Wailing Wall with the Dome of the Rock.
We also studied the Medieval Age, so we included a real photo of a castle as well.  The ship is a kite from China, which we also researched, and the fruit hanging from the ceiling was part of our “Fruit of the Spirit" theme.  

And this is a print of a Rembrandt entitled “The Mennonite Preacher and His Wife”.  While Rembrandt was not Anabaptist, some of his friends were, and he requested permission to paint some of them, which they evidently gave.