Monday, January 18, 2016

Get Ready for February Fun Days!

It is that time again.  February is here, and you have the opportunity to brighten up those dark winter days for your students.  Below is our list of favorite February Fun Days, along with a short explanation and what is needed for each one.

There are two ways to do this.  The younger students like to pop a balloon with the next fun day written on a piece of paper inside it and see what is next.  This is more random and suspenseful.  The older students like to have a typed out list (which we provided) so that they will know exactly what is coming up and plan for it.  This is what we usually would do.

 If you would like to see more pictures and ideas, just click on "February Fun Days" under "Labels" to the lower right and click on "Older Posts" when you get to the bottom of each page.  Happy winter!

No Desk Day -  This was a favorite.  They could not use their desks.  They could bring blankets, pillows, cots or whatever, though.

Draw the Schedule Out of a Hat Day -  Except for lunch, we drew a piece of paper out of a hat, and whatever the paper had written on it we would do.  There were time limits so that everything would fit that day.  (Example:  English 45 min.)

Paper Airplane Day -  A day or so ahead of time we would research this one and have a few test designs and flights.  The longest flights would make it to finals, and then we would have a winner and measure how far the plane had flown.  There was no prize; it was just fun to participate.

Eskimo Day - We turned down the heat and everyone could wear coats, mittens, and scarves.  At morning break I served hot chocolate and cinnamon raisin bear paws.  (Use canned biscuits and cut slits for paws.  Sprinkle with cinnamon.  Add raisins for claws.)

Student Teacher Day - The high schoolers could pick one class to teach the elementary students.  They had to take home the teacher's book the day before and prepare.  (The elementary students love this and it is great experience for the older students.)

Crazy Sock Day - This was a "trend" anyway.  They could wear brightly colored non-matching socks.

Kite Day - Everyone brought kites and we flew them outside at morning break, lunch, and recess.

Cookie and Chocolate Day - The students brought cookies or a piece of chocolate to share with everyone in their class.  (Nobody ever gets left out.)

Switch Rooms Day - The students took their books, moved to another classroom and sat at another student's desk.

Day Backwards (Backwards Day) - The schedule was backwards, their clothes were on backwards, and we even walked backwards.

Surprise Day - I put out an assortment of hats on a long table.  As soon as they arrived in the morning they could pick one.

No Electricity Day - We turned off the lights (but left the heat on).  Students were allowed to bring a candle and have it at their desk all day.  This is always a favorite.

Open House Practice Day - We usually had an Open House for the parents in February on a Wednesday night.  We would practice for this and let the students be the audience while their fellow students ran through their presentations.

Bible Character Dress Up Day  

Historical Character Dress-Up Day

Balloon Day -  We bought a bunch of balloons and first thing in the morning we blew them all up, with the students helping us.  The rest of the day we got more creative with them.

Move Your Desk Anywhere You Want Day - This is always lots of fun.  Sometimes we had to limit it to certain rooms; sometimes we let them go all over the place as long as they behaved and were in the right room for their classes.

Non-Matching Day - Socks, shoes, shirts, jackets: nothing matched.

Slipper Day - We all wore slippers to school.

Popcorn Day - I got to school a little early and popped popcorn.  Each student had a bag at their desk and got free refills all day.  The school smelled wonderful.  (They could have bottles of water at their desks also.)

Talent Show Day - There is no competition for this one--just fun.  Participants may perform in groups or alone.  Each entry must fill out an application form and be pre-approved by the teachers.   We would also type up an official looking program.

Here are two more ideas for younger students.
Switch lunch day
Bring a doll or teddy bear to school day

Do you have any other suggestions?  Please share your ideas!

Blessings on your class and school,
Jeff & Deana
the Plain Professors