Tuesday, July 3, 2012

Field Trip Ideas

Field Trips

Summer is a great time to plan ahead for a few field trips.  Here are some suggestions.


*Cave or caverns

*Cultural restaurant (Learn to eat with chopsticks and say "thank you" in Chinese and then go to a Chinese restaurant, or learn 50 words in Spanish and then go to a Mexican food restaurant.)

*Go to a special exhibit at a museum.  This past year we read stories about the Titanic and missionary Annie Funk who gave up her seat on a lifeboat.  Then we went to the Titanic: the Artifact Exhibit at the Houston Museum of Natural Science.

   We also studied sharks in science and then went to a shark exhibit.  Here some of the students are in a shark-viewing cage.

*Fossil Hunt
Study fossils with your class.  Then find a good place nearby to find them.  Make sure you have permission to bring a school group and that there is nothing dangerous there.  Go alone yourself first and make sure it is pretty easy to find fossils.  Take the whole school and don't leave until everyone has found a fossil. 

Do you have other suggestions for Mennonite schools?  Let us know and send pictures if you have them  :-).