Sunday, September 9, 2012

The First Two Weeks of School

So far we have had a very interesting year, especially in the area of science.  Our students have been most creative and observant and have brought in a few amazing things.  We thought we would share  some of them with you.  

This is a century cactus.  It is supposed to bloom only once in one hundred years.  It was dying in someone’s yard and after it was cut down, it appeared at our school for “science”.  (See post entitled “Morning Devotions and Science” for more information.)

Some poor bird built her nest and laid eggs in a student’s mailbox at home.  (She had abandoned the nest.)

One student brought in a large wolf spider with an egg sac.  We kept her in an extra aquarium with food and water, and a few days later the slings (short for spiderlings) hatched out and crawled up onto her back.  

A yellow  jacket’s nest with the yellow jackets still on it.   

Here is a collection from the first two weeks including a large luna moth, gryphae fossil, various insects, shells and egg sacs.  

Our fellowship hall renovation was also finished this week and last Thursday night found many of us there cleaning, scrubbing, and re-organizing.  After cleaning our office I stepped into the school to put something on my desk and found students trying to solve the “brain game” of the week, sitting on the couch singing their new choir music, and in the classroom playing Banagrams.  Silly me.  I thought they would all be outside running around on the playground.  

And . . . we are using Living History Threads this year published by Christian Learning Resources (Faithbuilders) and I think it is fabulous.  My students are I are enjoying it immensely and I have learned a few new things.  

First of all, did you know that Leonardo Da Vinci painted the Mona Lisa and the Last Dinner?

                            The Last Supper

The Mona Lisa

Secondly, I had inadvertently added in a little bit about the bubonic plague, or the Black Death as it is commonly called.  So, when one of my students was asked on the test to write down one of the plays that William Shakespeare wrote, she put “the Black Play”.