Tuesday, March 5, 2013

How I Got an Order for a "Sinamon Role"

For almost two years now, I have been telling my students that if they will all get a 100% on their Friday spelling test, I will bring them donuts on Monday morning.  It hasn’t happened yet.  Finally, in desperation, I offered to bring any of them that did get a 100% a donut, and here is what happened. 

Me:  Please get out a blank piece of paper for your spelling test.

Me again:  Number one -- write down what kind of donut you would like to get if you get a one hundred on this test. 

I think it worked.  Around 80% of them got a one hundred.  The others got really close.  

So it was I found myself at "Fresh Donuts", the best thing to happen in our little town of Rosebud for quite some time.  

  The students ordered kolaches, chocolate covered donuts with sprinkles, eclairs,  glazed donuts, and of course, a “sinamon role”.  (Cinnamon is not a typical third grade spelling word.)  I was ever so glad to get the donuts for them.  And, of course, I got one too--a huge, gooey, crunchy apple fritter.  Yay for Friday spelling tests!  Yay for “100%”s!

The week after I wrote this Fresh Donuts closed down.  We decided that was the worst thing that has happened in Rosebud for quite some time.  :-( 

Now, I won’t do this every week, and the students know that.  But, I do believe that many students who didn’t usually make a 100 now know that they can.  They were pushed, and they achieved.  Is it possible that the high grades will continue even without the donuts?  I think so, and that is why I did it.