Wednesday, February 27, 2013

Mistaken Identity

We have several wonderful parents who have helped us with our honor roll parties.  There is no way we could do all the work ourselves.  We usually plan them, gather up decorations and costumes, decorate the rooms, and ask the parents to help with the food and serving.  

One year for our Italian Night Honor Roll Party, I asked one of the moms to find decorations at a thrift shop.  We wanted black metal-looking things.  She found this really neat serving dish holder.
It is at the bottom of this picture.  

I loved it.  I had two really neat looking bowls that we set inside the metal dish-holder thingy.   We put black olives in one bowl and green olives in the other bowl.  It looked fabulous!   After the party was over the nice mom asked me if I wanted to keep it since my bowls looked so nice in it.  I did.  

A few months later my sister was helping me unpack my belongings in our new home.  She found the really neat black metal serving dish thingy.  She asked me, “What is this for?”  I excitedly told her all about the Italian Night and the olives.  She got this funny expression on her face and then burst out laughing.  “This is a dog dish holder! One bowl is for the dog’s food and the other is for the water!” she howled.   We laughed for awhile and then I felt a little embarrassed.  To think that we ate out of that thing. . . .