Friday, June 21, 2013

The Second Annual Photo Scavenger Hunt and Diner Honor Roll Party

We had a few requests for another scavenger hunt as the one last year was pretty fun and left us with a few humorous photos for the end of the year slide show.  We were wanting to do something a little different, then one of our children said, “Why don’t you do a fun dinner and a scavenger hunt?”  Good idea we thought, and secretly began planning.
For the dinner part we planned a fifties diner-type theme with the servers on roller skates and the kitchen help with funny hats and aprons.  We are blessed with lots of willing, fun parents who drove the students around in their cars for the scavenger hunt and helped us with the diner part- serving or preparing burgers, tater tots and sundaes.

So, we met at the school, put the students into teams with their drivers, gave them their envelopes, and made a mad dash for our car.  (We drive one of the cars for a team too.  I would not want to miss out on this one.)  Some of the most creative pictures were.....

holding a memorial service for a road kill, 

a photo with Shakespeare,

your whole group in the air, 

at the Lott Civic Center with the clock showing exactly 5:38,


balancing on a see saw,

eating grass like Nebuchadnezzer, 

painting with our elder,

your whole group in the trunk of a car,

with Little Joe at Little Joe’s Bar-B-Q in Rosebud,

a person's head stuck inside a mailbox,

hugging a cactus, and

two oldest group members sleeping in cribs in the church nursery.

At 6:30 sharp we met at Miller’s Country Store which just happens to be owned by the parents of three of our students.  They graciously let us come in after closing, put tablecloths and table toppers on the tables, take over the kitchen, and roller skate all over the store.

The students got little order forms on which they wrote their name and then circled if they wanted a hamburger or hot dog, and which condiments they desired.  We put the plates on trays and then roller skated to the tables to serve them.  Sundaes were next and they again got a paper to circle what they wanted on their sundaes.  

One of the funniest parts of the evening was when two real customers walked in thinking the store was actually open.  It got very quiet and someone nicely told them that the store was closed.  I hope they came back during regular hours.  (What was going on that night certainly wasn’t "regular".)

After the meal the students played kick-the-can outside while the adults cleaned up the store, then we all headed back to school to view all the photos from the scavenger hunt on a big screen and tally up the points.