Thursday, December 26, 2013

Things Teachers Should Do on Holiday Breaks

1.  RELAX.   No one has his hand raised, no one needs your  immediate attention, no one has a trauma (hopefully), and you can just be a normal human for a few days.  Enjoy it.

2.  Go on a long drive and clear your head.  We decided to drive to Florida to visit Grandma.

3.  Experience something new.  Go to a museum, go hear your favorite choir, or visit a landmark.  We choose to go to the beach since Grandma lives about twenty minutes from one.

4.  Spend time with your loved ones--real human beings.  This holiday season marks the first ever in which toys lost in popularity to technological gadgets for Christmas gifts.  Our local newspaper was full of letters to Santa which boldly declared, “I want an XBox and an iPhone.  I have been good.  I deserve it.”  
I don’t deserve anything, only God is good, and I am so over technology.  Not only does it distract us, taking precious time away that we could be spending with our loved ones, but also it throws so many temptations our way, causing many to sin.  Instead we have played Rummicube, Bananagrams, and spent hours on the beach together hunting shark’s teeth.

So, fellow teachers, relax, take a drive, do something different, turn off the gadgets, and spend quality time with loved ones.  You only have a few days before all the hands will be raised, everyone will be needing your attention, and there will probably be a few traumas.  But all of those are a different kind of fun :-).