Friday, January 3, 2014

Aspiring Young Vocalists Start Cutting-Edge Ensemble

Okay, cutting-edge depends on your reference point.  But anyway. . . . 

The junior high and high school ladies at our school formed their own singing ensemble.  This was the fruit of us taking some of them to hear a youth choir sing at a neighboring church.  (In Texas a "neighboring" church means an hour and a half away.)  They were encouraged and wanted to start a little group of their own, so they did.  They invited all the ladies grades seven and up to participate.  It has four sopranos and two altos.  They asked me to sing too, and I was happy to be included.  I even get to sing tenor on one song.  Encourage your students to Dream Big!!  Then help them realize their dreams.  

Oh yes, Benjamin and Wendell, we'll be sending you some trained singers in a few years.