Monday, February 3, 2014

February Fun Day #1 - Move Your Desk Anywhere You Want to Day

We decided to do "February Fun Days" for the whole month of February.  February is usually a dreary month;  the skies are dark and cloudy, we can't play outside, it is cold, and school can get a little "blah" . . . IF we let it get that way.  February Fun Days keep it from getting that way.

So, I did my research and couldn't find anything.  I then decided that I would post our February Fun Days so that anyone else looking for ideas could easily find them.  I will add that many of these ideas we gleaned from other teachers.  So, every school day this month we'll be posting what we did that day.

And . . . today was "put your desk anywhere you want to" day.  It got a little congested at times, but it was different and fun.