Monday, March 31, 2014

$100 for Christian Aid Ministries

For several weeks now our elementary students have been collecting money for Christian Aid Ministries (CAM).  And they’ve been doing it by earning good grades.  They “earn” 
25 cents for a 97-100%, 
10 cents for a 94-97%, 
5 cents 90-93%, and 
1 cent for an 85-89%.  
It totals on average about $8 a week, comes out of my spending money (I feel that is a very small sacrifice), and is a wonderfully fun time of the week for us all.
I total up their earnings for the week, which are based only on their English daily grades, spelling tests, and an occasional science or social studies test. 
Each student has a little bank into which they put their money.  They also have a tally sheet to update their amount each week, which not only helps their math skills, but also keeps them accountable.  Then we exchange five $1s for a $5, two dimes and one nickel for a quarter, and so on.
This past week we reached the $100 mark and had a little celebration.  I made them “100” cookies using a piece of Hershey’s chocolate for the “1” and two Lifesaver gummies for the “0”s.  

      On our chart we added another Bible for someone in China, and half of a chicken for a poor family halfway around the world.  
The students love it.  They are making good grades and blessing others in the process.  Yay for “100”s.  
        P.S.  Credit for this idea goes to Esther Raber at Osceola Christian School.