Wednesday, April 23, 2014

How to Make a Medieval Money Pouch

This was a simple little art project which also doubled as an honor roll party necessity --  a medieval money pouch.  We learned about these in history.  Before pockets were invented, people carried little pouches around their waists or necks and used them to carry money or other necessities.  
We purchased some felt at Wal-Mart and drew circles on it about twelve inches in diameter.   The students cut out their circles and then measured about two inches around the edges, marking it with pen to make a smaller circle.  Next they cut little slits about two inches apart on the smaller inside circle.  We gave each of them a long piece of twine and they “sewed” it in and out of the slits they had cut to make a drawstring.   Instant (almost) Medieval money pouch. 
Later that night at the honor roll party we gave them washers which they used for coins to buy items for their dinner as they traveled around to different stops at the Choose Your Own Adventure Honor Roll Party.