Tuesday, June 17, 2014

An Informational and Inspirational Thanksgiving Party

     The day before Thanksgiving break we wanted to do something a little different and a little fun.  The teachers made apple cider and little snack mix cups, and then the students came in and sat down.

     Next we read stories to them.  Only these weren’t just any stories, these were stories and reports our high school students had written.  All the high school students sat at one table, and after I read each story or report, the other students had to guess which one of the high schoolers had written it.

     Two of the readings includied creative writing assignments-- one based on an Anabaptist man in Switzerland who was captured, persecuted, and died for his faith, and another about a rich prince who choose peace and poverty over riches because of jealous competition.

     The reports were just as good.  We heard
about jars of pickles left along the Oregon Trail, why Horatio Spafford wrote his famous hymn, and the degradation of society in the 1950s and what caused it. 

     Everyone enjoyed our little party and had fun guessing who wrote what.  It is good to do something different, especially when the younger students are being exposed to good writing and are inspired to higher aspirations for their futures.