Thursday, August 7, 2014

Books on the Wall and the Comeraugh Boys' Camp: Singing and Traveling with the Oasis Chorale, Part XI

      Our friend David Miller and his co-teachers from Dunmore East Christian School in Ireland had this great idea-- to paint books on the side of the wall outside the school.  Although David wasn't there when we were, his students were, and they told us that each of them got to pick two books to paint on the wall.  What a neat art project.  

      Another enjoyable part of traveling is meeting new friends.  This is Quentin Weaver who works at the Comeraugh Boys' Camp which is sponsored by the Dunmore East Christian Fellowship in Ireland. We visited the camp and were very impressed with the program, the leaders, and the lads.  They were polite, fun, and very interested in our singing.   Quentin is from Texas not far from where we live, and we had met his brothers and father, but we hadn't met him yet until this trip.  
We were impressed with these buildings they had made.