Saturday, September 13, 2014

Stinky, Rotting Bird on Student's Desk During Test

         My youngest son asked if he could get a dead dove he had found to take to school for morning "science time" the next day.  

       "Yes, you may get that dead bird out of our next door neighbor's yard.  But please don't touch it.  Use a shovel and wash your hands when you're done."  It spent the night in the freezer, inside a zip lock baggie, mind you.

        The next day I noticed the bird again, where it was not supposed to be.

       "Why is there a dead bird on your desk while you are taking your spelling test?" I asked.   I assumed he thought that was all right because it was frozen, but that was not acceptable at all.  I enjoy science, but dead birds on students' desks during spelling tests is not what I consider to be conducive to a good academic atmosphere, or any atmosphere for that matter.

       He gave me a strange look, like having dead birds on one's desk during school was just a normal everyday occurrence.  I tried again, "I know it is frozen, but it's going to start stinking.  Please put it outside after you've finished your test."

       Closing thoughts:  Yay for teaching.  Yay for science.  Yay for little boys.