Wednesday, December 3, 2014

Falling Down the Steps While Having a Golf Disc Thrown at My Head

     Once again it was time for our fall disc golf excursion.  We picked a course in Temple which we had never played before.  It was a beautiful, crisp fall day.  The man picking pecans on hole 6 didn’t mind us a bit.  We just yelled, "Fore!" and kept going.
     Ladies in skirts and veils on disc golf courses always attract a lot of attention.  We only had a few photos snapped of us this day. 
     The ponds claimed three of our discs, but we reclaimed them.  
     We always take time to notice interesting science--like this spider web,
and this eagle--just kidding, sort of.  It was an eagle kite, which one student retrieved and flew.  
     And there are always ample photo opportunities, including the now-obligatory disc golf on girls’ heads shot.  

     I actually fell down these limestone steps while trying to hurry and get this photo and get out of the way of the gentlemen who were throwing frisbees at our heads.  Ok, only one of them threw one, and my husband made the rest wait until we were safely out of their line of fire.