Thursday, January 29, 2015

The Skunk Catcher and the Goat Girl

     At the end of the day, the elementary students have a study hall period where they can finish any work they may have not completed.  When all their work is handed in, they may read chapter books, play chess or Bananagrams, or, if everyone is done, they sometimes enjoy a game of occupation.  Their "jobs" become more and more creative as the year moves on.  The spelling improves, (because we read and pronounce them exactly the way they are spelled), the science terms emerge, and they diligently probe their minds for an unusual, hard-to-guess "job".  The lists get funnier and weirder.

 This week my husband handed me this list of their "occupations".

the astronomer

the skunk catcher

the folder

the goat girl

the secriterry [sic]

the lamphrey

Shawna's engine

the bird catcher

the mean girl

the slicky  (actually a type of bird)

the space explorer

Trevor (another student)

the pancake head