Tuesday, April 21, 2015

Lewis and Clark Art

     In the beginning of the year as we were learning about the Lewis and Clark expedition, I was intrigued with their journal entries.  Besides the poor spelling, the writing around the drawings, as well as the sketches themselves,  were very interesting.  I thought it might make a neat art project, and they would be learning some science too, about the anatomy and habits of a specific animal.

     Several months later, we tackled the project.  They all found a picture of an animal they liked in encyclopedias and nature books.  I made a copy of each one’s animal, then they drew squares on top of the copy to transfer the drawing in proper proportion onto their blank papers.  Next they drew faint lines and wrote in cursive all around their drawings.  They had to write real facts about their animal.  The results were quite appealing, I thought. 

“A” is for attractive, accomplishment, artistic, and aesthetic.  They all got “A”s in art, too.