Monday, April 20, 2015

Drywall Cardboard Trashcan Desk in the Sewing Closet

     I sometimes let my students go into the fellowship hall in the next room to take tests.  It is quieter in there, I can peek in on them every so often, and they know they can come ask me a question (about the directions only) anytime they need to do so.  So, I went in to check on the sixth graders one morning.  The two ladies were seated at separate tables using normal chairs.  And the gentleman, well, . . . this is what I saw.
 He had a little first grade chair stacked on top of the principal’s outside chair, and he was using a piece of cardboard balanced on a piece of drywall balanced on top of an upside down trash can for a table.  And he was inside the sewing closet.  He usually makes excellent grades on his tests.  (Once my husband found him face down on the bathroom floor sick after a test.  He had insisted that he come to school to take his English test that morning.  After his mother came and picked him up, I graded his test.  He got a 100.) So, I left him on top of his stacked chairs with his cardboard drywall trashcan desk.  He got an A.
 And these gentlemen made honor roll grades as well--and they were taking a five-page American history test complete with maps and essay questions.  Awesome!  I separated all of the students who were taking this test so that they would “avoid every appearance of evil”.  No tests were within eye shot of any of them.  But to do this, we have to really spread out and use extra tables, desks, the couch, and the bench.  As long as they are making good grades and behaving themselves (which they truly do), I give them some leeway.