Tuesday, May 5, 2015

And the Winner Is . . . .

     It is the last week of school already.  We are taking our last tests, handing in books as we finish them, practicing more often for our program, and getting excited with and for the graduates.  It was also time for our very last auction.  The students have been doing their cleaning jobs (the higher-paying jobs are a commodity), saying their Bible verses, and faithfully bringing in different "science" items from God's creation every morning to earn our lovely fake money.  Church and school families donated books, dry erase boards, maps, art supplies, and lots of other good "stuff" to keep the students happily busy over the summer months.  My personal favorite item was this chess board made by one of the fathers.  He made this beautiful work of art!  Wooden chess pieces came with it, too.  This young lady really wanted it, so she bid high enough and won.  Yay for fun auctions, yay for good mind-challenging, artistic, edifying items, and yay for creative dads.
The Graduates