Friday, June 26, 2015

Frezer for Sale

     My husband and I were on our way to an important meeting when I spied this sign on a refrigerator for sale in someone's driveway.   We didn't have time to stop, but hubby promised me we could come back after the appointment.  I was very lost at that point (this is typical; I have to have a GPS attached to my hand when driving), but he got us back to the spot and I jumped out to take a picture.
And that was when I noticed not just the one mistake that I had seen while we were whizzing by, but three.
Can you find all three of them?

1.  The "e" sound is long and therefore it should read, "freezer", not "frezer" as in "e-e-egg".   

2.  It doesn't work GOOD, it works well, because "well" tells how it works, and the word "work" is a verb (in this case anyway), so the word "good" adds to the verb; it is an adverb and should be "well".  
     I always ask my students, "How does she sing?" And they answer:  "She sings well."  Then I ask, "How does he write?"  And they answer:  "He writes well."   I do this about four times to make sure they understand it.  Then, I try and trick them.  "What kind of a book was it?"  No fooling them.  A book is a noun, and therefore needs an adjective to modify it.  "It was a GOOD book," they tell me.  And they are right.

3.  Squint and look closely at the word "works".  Do you see it?  Yep, that little apostrophe again, thrown in just for fun when it isn't needed.  The "frezer" neither "work is good", nor does it possess the "good".  

      The end of the story is that even though I did need a refrigerator, I did not need a "frezer", nor a freezer for that matter.  So I did not buy it, but I did get close enough to get a good picture (not a well picture) of the lovely sign.  As we drove away I began to wonder how funny the sign on the motorcycle that I forgot to look at must have been, too.