Friday, June 5, 2015

SAD JAM ZAX; Illuminated Letters for Art Class

 I am fascinated by most any kind of lettering art, especially that of the Medieval scribes.  I had the privilege of seeing the Book of Kells while in Ireland this past summer, and it just intrigued me more.  So, I put illuminated letters on my list of art projects for the upcoming school year.  

     First of all, I printed out  three or four pages of examples of illuminated letters from a search.  This gave the students some ideas.  Then, if they wanted to, I would do a search for them specifically, like “illuminated letters 'M' ” and that way each individual student could find something that he or she really liked using their own initial.  Next, I printed out the specific design that each one liked, and they began working on their own (freehand--no tracing allowed!)   Here are the beautiful results.