Wednesday, October 21, 2015

Another Rare, Free, and Interesting Piece of Christmas Music

Soooooo . . . for any teachers or choirish-type people who might still be looking for something fresh and not overused for Christmastime, here is another Christmas hymn that I have found.  It is called In Bethlehem 'Neath Starlit Skies, and can only be found, in its pure hymn form,  in the old Methodist Hymnal.  We are planning to sing this at Shalom Mennonite School at our concert in December.  I checked CCLI and it is no longer under copyright. Pretty neat piece . . . little tonality shift on the third line  . . . free . . . oh, and the Methodists and the Mennonites are fellow Arminians. (Ha ha, you weren't expecting that now were you?)   

I will post a video link immediately after this post.