Tuesday, October 13, 2015

Sweet Cow Lung Air Compressor Demonstration

   When the 7th grade homeroom teacher, Mrs. Whitney Burkholder, asked to borrow our air compressor, I had no idea that she was going to use it to inflate cow lungs.  The above picture is the cow heart, and below are the lungs being inflated using the air compressor.    This was an inexpensive and really neat demonstration.  The cow parts were obtained free from a local butcher (for educational purposes).   It is refreshing to be around innovative teachers who go the extra mile to educate their students.   Even if they accomplish this by filling up stinking cow organs with loud, borrowed, air compressors.

                                     deflated cow lung                        tankin' up            
                       How's that for filling up down             operatic baritone style
                         low, Rosie?                                  (Everybody say "whoop, whoop"!)