Monday, October 26, 2015

Ten Things My Students Deserve

Ten Things My Students Deserve

1.  My students deserve a calm, peaceful,  yet joyous classroom atmosphere.  The structuring of this is my responsibility, not their problem.  

2.  My students deserve an interesting and vibrant curriculum.  This includes music choices and art curriculum.  

3.  My students deserve a teacher who dresses professionally.

4.  My students deserve a teacher who smells good all the time-- this does not include yucky coffee breath.

5.  My students deserve as many verbal blessings as I can muster in a single day.

6.  My students deserve a happy, positive, energetic teacher even when I'm having a bad day.

7.  My students deserve interesting lessons and stimulating conversations throughout the day.  These should instigate and inspire laughter, creativity and critical thinking.

8.  My students deserve a beautiful classroom which encourages wonder and amazement of God's creation as reflected in art and creativity.  

9.  My students deserve frequent references to God, Christ, and the Scriptures.  These should feel normal, comfortable, and never awkward.  

10.  My students deserve to know that although I am their friend and that I care about them, I am predominantly their adult/teacher/mentor figure.  I need to always remember this, and always act like this.