Thursday, December 24, 2015

Shepperds Desert for the Holidays, Anyone?

      Here are two more misspelled signs I observed while we were driving to the hardware store one evening.  I noticed this side of the sign first on our way to the store.  
     A goat-herd herds goats, and a shep-herd herds sheep.  That is an easy way to remember how to spell that one.   Oh, yes, and the shepherds do indeed own the pie, so the apostrophe is missing (shock)!  (That was a first.)  It should read "shepherd's pie".  

      Then, coming back by this establishment going in the opposite direction, I saw this: 
      "I've GOT to get a picture of that one!" I told my family.  We pulled into the parking lot for the second time that night, but since it was on the side of the road which faces the intersection, I had to go out into the street to get a decent picture of this one.  At least I got it.  (That is better than the dead squirrel which did not get photographed, unfortunately.)

     So, on the other side they have "deserts".  My students can always tell me that there is ONE snake ("S") in the desert (sand, sun, heat), but two "S"s in the word DESSERT.  And we remember that one by using the mnemonic device "strawberry shortcake".  Get it?  Strawberry shortcake has two "S"s , just like the word dessert --when it is correctly spelled anyway.