Thursday, February 11, 2016

Missions Week, Curry Wraps, and Grenada

It was missions week at Shalom Mennonite School, and it was fabulous.  The day I was there a visiting missionary showed pictures and told us about Nepal, and even gave us some Nepalese money.  After his talk I was ready to get on a plane and go.  There were also visiting missionaries that week from Thailand, Bangladesh, Grenada, and Papua New Guinea.
Friday was hot lunch day, and to go along with the missions theme they served an amazing Grenadian meal of curry and potato chicken wraps.

Jeff grabbed a leftover wrap and handed it to me as we headed off to a wedding music rehearsal.  At break he and I were scarfing the wrap in the corner holding our water bottles.  A few friends meandered over sniffing and asked where we got it.  It was so delicious I wanted to make them at home and thus gleaned this recipe from Ginger Fox.  She says it is best to get the roti (tortilla wrap thing) and curry in Grenada if you can.

3 lb chicken, cooked and seasoned with curry (save any broth)
8 med. potatoes (I usually add carrots too)
1 onion
2 t. season salt
2 t. salt
4 T. curry
1 clove garlic
1/4 t. pepper
8 roti skins
Put 2 T oil in pot on medium heat and fry onion, garlic, and curry for a few minutes.  Add meat, potatoes, and seasoning.  Add water and broth to almost cover.  Boil until almost dry and potatoes are tender.  Fill roti skins.