Thursday, March 3, 2016

Cathedral Windows at School

 This was Jeff's latest art project for the 7th and 8th grade art elective class.  These were fun to make and lovely to observe hanging on the windows of the school.  Below are directions on how to make them.  And, by the way, this art project was gleaned from 

1.  Purchase 8.5" x 11"overhead sheets.  Get the less-expensive kind that can NOT go through a copy machine.  
2.  Mix white glue with black tempera paint in equal amounts (1 cup glue to 1 cup paint).  
3.  Return mixture to glue squirt bottle.  
4.  Have students draw a flower design (or some other type of stained glass design) onto regular paper, then lay the overhead sheet on top of the drawing.  
5.   Using the paint-glue mixture, squirt an even line of black glue paint onto the overhead sheet tracing the lines from the drawing and then let it dry. 
6.  Use colored tempera paints to fill in the spaces between the paint.  
7.  Let it dry.
8.  Hang finished projects on a window that gets a lot of sun.  
9.  Enjoy!