Thursday, April 7, 2016

"F" is for Field Trip - The "A, B, C"s for Christian Schools; 26 Topics We Have the Opportunity to Teach Our Students

Field trips are a great way for our students to experience what they have learned from books.  Here is a list of my favorite field trips of all time, and a short story about my worst field trip ever.

Aquarium (the students were so well behaved the director of the         
                    place gave us free books)
Pottery shop (and seeing the potter throw on the wheel)
Singing tour
Orchestra concerts
Living history museum
History museum
Choir concerts
Disc golfing at a disc golf course
Digging for fossils
River boat ride
Chinese restaurant (after we all learned how to use chop sticks)
Mexican food restaurant (and we had to order in Spanish)
Our Family in Peru, 2007

Our family also enjoys traveling, and what better way to broaden our students' horizons than by visiting educational places and attending educational events.  Here is a list of my favorite summer "field trips".

Finding sharks' teeth and fossils at the beach
Casa Loma Castle in Toronto, Canada
Creation Museum
Visiting missionaries in the Andes Mountains in Peru
Orchestra Camp
Music Camp

And, the worst field trip ever.  First of all, I would like to state that we had not known the students at this school very long or very well.    We went to a fabulous museum, and up on the top floor there were all kinds of taxidermy animals.  We had just finished a unit on Africa with the younger elementary students, and they were pointing out and naming some of the different animals we had studied: okapi, gorilla, gazelles.  Then I heard some strange noises and looked in that direction.  To my horror, a few of the older boys were fake hip-shooting the dead, stuffed animals.  I guess they hadn't paid attention when I gave my "Christian school field trip etiquette speech".