Thursday, April 21, 2016

"R" Is for Responsibility -- The "A, B, C"s for Christian Schools; 26 Topics We Have the Opportunity to Teach Our Students

This has got to be one of the toughest concepts to teach students.   Some students are just not motivated to do good work, to have it turned in on time (if at all), or to pick up after themselves, etc.  These dear souls can indeed succeed, if we decide to help them.  

 There are three main points to this topic, in my book at least.

1.  We should decide in our own minds that it is our responsibility as teachers to do everything in our power to cultivate an awareness in them to cause them to care about their grades, learning, and themselves.  
(To learn more about this read "The Difference Between Good and Mediocre Teachers HERE.)

2.  We should do everything we can to motivate them so that they will be encouraged to be responsible, and will reap rewards, or good consequences, because of their responsible behavior.  
(To learn more about this click HERE to read "To Motivate or Not To Motivate:  That is the Question."

3.  Never give up.  Never give up.  Never give up.  

I have found that if I repeatedly try a myriad of strategies, I will eventually find one that works for just about every student.  Here are a few of my favorite strategies for those especially forgetful or unmotivated students.

I . . . 
smile and put them in the front row to keep a hawk eye on them,
repeatedly check to see that they have turned their work in and praise them earnestly when they do, 
keep them in from lunch/recess to finish their work; I eat lunch with them while they finish their work and I grade papers, 
and keep encouraging them until I find SOMETHING that works.