Tuesday, August 9, 2016

Me Likey Pretty Pictures

This is the wall outside Jeff's music and art room.  It is covered with cork stuff like a bulletin board and it is used to display the students' art.  Neat idea!  But what do you do when they haven't created any art to put on the bulletin boards yet?  Last year Jeff decided to use it to display a few of his favorite works of art.  He buys three or four art prints every summer and has quite a collection.  This display includes Salvador Dali, Jackson Pollock, Rembrandt, Ansel Adams,  Hokusai, Van Gogh, and others.
     The space was no longer blank and boring, and the students had something inspiring at which to gaze, and to motivate them onto beauteous works of Menno art.  Jeff says, "Me likey Menno art."