Tuesday, December 6, 2016

Bust Out the Underground Railroad Quilt!

  I absolutely love history, and my students do, too.  They actually clapped when I announced that it was time for history class on Friday.  Last week we began Chapter 13 in our new history book, Changing Frontiers, published by Christian Light Publications.  I am really enjoying this book.  It is well-written and the graphics are amazing.  There are many references in the book to the most intriguing history stories, including quotes from Frederick Douglas and a section on the Amistad.  While reading about the Underground Railroad I rushed to my closet and dug out my Underground Railroad Quilt (read more about that here) and explained what each of the squares meant.   If we as teachers are enjoying the material we are teaching, our students will as well.  Jeff says, "Some days are for presenting well-prepared lectures, and other days are for busting out the Underground Railroad quilt!"  
Okay, dear.