Monday, May 20, 2013

Doctor, Lawyer, Indian Chief . . . Teacher?

I, as a teacher, wear many hats.  The first is obvious, and that is my "teacher" hat.   I teach, I grade, I correct, I explain, and I hand out report cards.

Another hat I wear would be that of logistical engineer, or of the school “mom” if you will.   When I see my students fighting over who gets the best seat on the couch, or who gets to sit next to whom, then the “mom” part of me kicks into high gear. 

Third would be my least favorite, that of being a nurse.  This is why I am so thankful that we have a fantastic first and second grade teacher.  My rule is no band-aid unless I see blood.  

I am also a janitor.  One morning this week as we were all standing up singing in our morning devotions, one of the younger students projectile vomited.  Thank goodness the child was on the front row and my husband was standing far enough in front of her that he wasn’t hit.  He stopped the choir then called the first grade teacher and me up to the front.  When something like this happens you must think and act calmly and quickly.  I took the child by the hand and assured her that everything was just fine. We took her to the bathroom while he took all the rest of the students out of the room, being very careful where they stepped.   Then, while the first grade teacher cleaned her up and called her parents, I cleaned up the barf (or more formally, “vomitus” [I am also an English teacher.])  As I was down on my hands and knees wiping up curdled milk curds I thought, “This would be an interesting aspect of teaching to write about, because anyone who works with children could relate to this. ”   So, fellow teacher, the next time you are cleaning up barf, remember, you are not alone!

I am also a storyteller, a disciplinarian, a parent liaison, an encourager, an empathizer, an actress, a party planner, a coach, and a drill sergeant.  

I am a teacher, and I love it.