Thursday, May 9, 2013

Butterflies and Burnt Pizza

     We were studying the life cycles of butterflies in science so I ordered one of those kits where you get the caterpillars crawling around eating the goop on the bottom of the container.  Then they crawl up to the top of the container and make their pupas.  Then they crawl out, spread their wings, and fly.  We greatly enjoyed watching all of this, and then it was time to set them free.  

     Every morning our students bring in incredible, amazing objects from God’s creation to share with us all.  This month we have enjoyed . . . 

a fish that was left in the refrigerator a few days too long,
a burnt pizza, left in the oven for four hours at 350 degrees to be exact.  

a woodpecker’s nest (the woodpecker had deserted it),

and a baby opossum. 

     We have two very funny and creative little boys in the third grade.  Here they are bringing stools they made from the barn stop across the street so that we can all have something to prop our feet upon during history.
     And here they are with boxes on their heads during lunch.   (They actually made these when they got their Underground Railroad Honor Roll Party invitation. They literally thought they had to “ship” themselves.)  
    Our first grade teacher sewed matching dresses for all the girls in the kindergarten, first, and second grades.   They wore them on our last field trip and looked too cute.  
     We also helped decorate for the widow's supper.  It gives our more artistically inclined students a creative outlet, and allows them to bless others by using their God-given talents.  
     And last, the caboose, the Cotton Caboose that is.  The fourth issue is hot off the press and available at the Rosebud Dairy Queen, Highway 77 Cafe, Hensel’s Hardware, and Miller’s Country Market in Lott.  
     Here is the staff folding several  of the 1,800 pages (that takes a few hours) at Parson’s Office Systems in Waco, which gave us a good deal on the printing in exchange for several homemade pies. 
     And here they are after all that folding.  I guess folding is harder work than I realized?  

Happy spring!