Monday, September 9, 2013

Bobcat! And the First Week of School 2013

We always encourage our students to look for interesting pieces of nature to bring in for morning “science”.  I also have at times encouraged them to bring in a good road kill.  (I give them the example of how I once procured a frozen pheasant in this manner.)  I had no idea one of our sixteen year old juniors would get her mom to stop the car, let her out, and pick up a dead bob cat from off the side of the road on the way to school, but she did.  (No wimpy girls around here!)

The poor animal was almost in perfect condition, so we sent it to the taxidermist to be mounted.  (We did get a school science project discount.)  We never encourage students to kill anything and bring it in, but this poor, beautiful animal was already dead :-(.

It has been around 100 degrees every day this past week, so maybe these students just came in to enjoy the air conditioning while the rest of the students were outside during lunch?  

These two are reading tracts.

And these two are enjoying the fish tank.

Grading help!!!  From a school board member’s wife who also happens to be an ex-teacher.  Thank you Rose :-).
And here is her son enjoying choir time.  His other favorite thing to do while mom grades is to walk into the girl’s bathroom.
It is nice to let the snake out of her cage everyone once in awhile.  This was my husband’s desk, not mine thank you.

And . . .  on the first day everyone anxiously waits outside.  We’ve taken great pains to redecorate and want to keep everything a surprise.  (See “A Tour of Our School" for a peek.)