Friday, August 30, 2013

Why it is Fun to Visit Other Schools

While attending one of our music events this past summer I had the most delightful surprise.  We had a church service in a school, and what a school it was.  I walked in the front door and saw a huge version of Vincent Van Gogh’s Starry Night painted on the wall.  
“Wow!” I exclaimed.  The greeter who was also from our group replied, “Keep walking around,” with a smile.  After the church service I did.  Here is what I saw.

                                                        Can you find the upside-down bird?

The students painted self portraits ON THE CEILING TILES.  

This was made from old men's ties and fabric woven onto plastic grids.

This is a fire alarm/emergency light thingy.  How creative!

 These are both made out of tiles.

They win the best locker area award easily.

This is made of little pieces of rolled up paper.

And this was by the choir room door.  

"Someone has vision!" we exclaimed.  I emailed the art teacher from Lake Center Christian School in Hartville, Ohio, and got her permission to share these with you.  I hope you are inspired as well.  She has a captivating blog at
If you want to see some amazing art ideas and get really inspired, spend some time looking at the pictures and reading her explanations.  I was fascinated.