Tuesday, January 14, 2014

Giant Origami Swan Attacks School - Sorta

For an art project recently, we made oragami swans.  They are relatively easy to fold, and even the third graders could make them without too much difficulty.  I did pair them up with their “lab partners”, which basically means an older student is helping a younger one.  

After we made plain white ones and they had learned how to fold them, I brought out colored paper and they made colored ones.  Then my husband walked in the room.  

He has a way of making things more interesting, exciting, and complicated.  He announced that they had five days to submit any others they had made into one of three categories of swans:  the largest, the smallest, and the most creative.

One of our very resourceful and imaginative eighth graders won the largest award.

An innovative fifth grader won the most creative award.

And another diligent, persistant eighth grader won the smallest.  This one measured exactly four millimeters.  

Their “award” was their favorite drink or candy bar from the local gas station.  Remember, we are in the middle of nowhere, which happens to be a very intriguing nowhere lately.