Friday, January 10, 2014

Yay--Our Students are Not Cool!

I love it when students are creative, funny, and just being themselves.  There is much to be said for having a “safe” environment in a school--an environment where students are not afraid of being bullied or made fun of because they are  not--please excuse my use of this horrendous word-- “cool”.  

So I had to laugh when I saw the oldest gentlemen in our school flying little planes all over our giant wall map.  

This began because one of them loves airplanes.  When my husband got out the “100 Vehicles” counting bucket for third grade math, he patiently finished the division lesson and then excitedly ran to the upper grade room, passing out little planes and trucks to all the gentlemen.  After school, as I walked to my desk to grade piles of papers, they were “flying” their planes or driving their cars across several continents on our school world map.  

They were just being funny, being themselves, and having fun together in a safe environment, knowing that no one would think they were being too silly, even though they really were--a little.  But that is okay.  It is way better than trying to be, well you know, that awful word.